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Large Calibre HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

Large Calibre HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
Large Calibre HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
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Product Code : 49
Product Description

Large Calibre HDPE pipe extrusion line

Advantages of HDPE Solid Wall Pipe

Reference Standard: PE63, PE80, PE100, DIN 8074-1999, SDR41-SDR111.

  • HDPE material used for creating this pipe is absolutely toxic free and has no heavy metal additives. The HDPE pipe is chemical or electron chemical corrosion resistant, and do not attract dirt or get contaminated by microorganism
  • The solid wall structure that allows the pipe withstand high pressure, making it ideal for water supply, gas supply and other pressure application
  • It has a light weight structure and compared to metal piping system, the installation costs of HDPE piping system is 50% less
  • Higher Flow Capacity: Compared to metal pipe, HDPE pipe has smoother interior walls, resulting in lower pressure loss and higher volume
  • Longevity: This pipe has service life of  more than 50 years under proper usage circumstances
  • This pipe is recyclable and environment-friendly

Main technical characteristics of Shuanglin HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line:

  • SHUANGLIN integrates advanced technology and resources to assist HDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe production line. Many pipe factories have accepted this extrusion line for its unique structure design and high efficiency performance.
  • The extrusion line comprises single screw extruder of high efficiency, spraying water cooling tank, vacuum calibration, multi-claw haul-off machine, pipe stacker, trolley and planetary cutting machine. The operations of this line is controlled by PLC control system. Also, it is integrated with HMI (human machine interface), winding machine for synchronous functions.
  • The HDPE Pipe production line is helpful for the group machine production management and quality control.
  • It utilizes single screw extruder of highly efficiency and large capacity, spray cooling tank, vacuum sizing tank, planetary cutting machine, several multi-band trackers and  finished products stacker, along with spiral or basket extrusion mold.
  • It requires appropriate exchange of certain units in the production line to carry out two/three layer co-extrusion of dual resistance pipe. The resulting pipe with co-extruded layers have uniform thickness. A dual resistance ( flame retardant, anti-static, etc.) material is used in the inner and outer layer, while ordinary HDPE is utilized for the core layer. The core material allows reduction in the amount of dual resistance material to be used, thereby minimizing the dual resistance pipe cost.
  • This pipe extrusion line that adopts PLC control system and MHI (man-machine interface) runs easy and auto-synchronous functions.

Technical Specifications:

Type Pipe size
Extruder model Maximum speed
capacity (kg/h) Total power (kW) Total length
SLPE-32G Ф16~Ф32 SJ65/33 30 220 120 50
SLPE-63 Ф16~Ф63 SJ65/33 15 180 100 40
SLPE-110 Ф75~Ф110 SJ65/33 8 220 130 45
SLPE-160 Ф75~Ф160 SJ75/33 6 280 150 45
SLPE-250 Ф110~Ф250 SJ75/33 4 300 180 50
SLPE-315 Ф110~Ф315 SJ90/33 3.6 400 260 50
SLPE-500 Ф315~Ф500 SJ90/33 1.6 500 340 55
SLPE-630 Ф315~Ф630 SJ120/33 1.1 800 480 65
SLPE-800 Ф500~Ф800 SJ120/33 0.9 1000 580 70
SLPE-1200 Ф630~Ф1200 SJ150/34 0.6 1200 800 75
SLPE-1600 Ф800~Ф1600 SJ150/34C 0.36 1500 920 90



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